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Why FC

You have many choices when it comes to finding that ideal cleaning service and we work hard to keep improving on the standards that make us the best value in the industry. You not only need to know that you will get first class cleaning, you also need to have trust in the cleaners that you are letting in your home or office - and that's what sets FairyClean apart from the rest. We offer services to private households and companies giving outstanding results.

What really makes FairyClean Superior? We custom tailor our housekeeping services to meet the needs of each residential cleaning customer in Basel, Zurich, Lucerne, Berne & Geneva. We provide all of the best cleaners and customer services offered by our local cleaning competitors.....We just do them better and for less.

Flexibility. From your first appointment we try our very best to accommodate your schedule. If you need to take a trip on a scheduled cleaning day, we do not charge you to cancel and re schedule upon proper notice. If you have a specific day or time you prefer to have your home cleaned we will do our very best to make the arrangements for you.

Free Estimates. We offer our potential clients a free quote to get an idea of the time it would take to clean your home and a cost estimate. Upon initial contact from you, the owner of the company personally comes to meet with you in your home. Since each home is different and your cleaning needs are not the same as all our clients, we offer a no cost appointment and estimate to assess your cleaning desires.

Trial Period. As most of our competitors demand a contract immediately upon service, we offer a one month trial period. This is to ensure you are satisfied with our services before we offer any contract (only  30 day cancellation). We are confident in our FairyClean team and your satisfaction.

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